Nate Evans

After high school I served a mission in Guatemala (South). When I got home I took my skills to BYU. And like Lebron, I was able to pull out solid C’s with ease!

During college I worked at Arbiter, a small family business that my dad started. It was purchased but I stayed on and have been working there full time since graduating from college with a degree in Philosophy (believe it or not, there isn’t a huge demand for philosophers…..this economy!). I work in product development.

This past year I got married to Maren Rogers in Portland, Oregon, where she is from. We currently live in Sandy and enjoy hiking and cooking.

 Nate Evans


Elizabeth Roose Shirts

After high school graduation, in the fall of 2002, I went to Rexburg to begin collegiate studies at BYU-Idaho. It was my first real taste of being on my own. I can’t imagine a nicer place to have your first experience away from home than Rexburg, Idaho. Like many of you, I completed two semesters coursework then it was home to Utah for the summer. I repeated this schedule the next school year. I earned an associate of science degree in general studies. In the fall of 2004, I was anxious to serve as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served in the Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mission. I can’t say enough good things about my experience as a missionary. In the summer of 2006, I enjoyed a family vacation touring many historical sites in the eastern and midwestern United States.

Yes, reality came knocking at my door again; and, after a fun-filled summer I began working and studying once more. I enjoyed teaching at a private school and working as a substitute seminary teacher. I’m glad reality leaves a little room for fun which I found in the Young Single Adult and Institute of Religion programs. Fun is not all I found through those programs, I met a wonderful man named Cory Shirts. (I can’t wait for you to meet him!) We were married in the summer of 2008. I completed the coursework at the University of Utah for a bachelor of science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. I have been employed working with people recovering from addictions and assisting people with disabilities.

The best event in 2010 for Cory and me was the birth of our adorable daughter, Megan. You will have to come to reunion to see pictures of her if you haven’t met her yet. Motherhood is the name of the game for me right now and will be for many years to come. Becoming a parent, especially a mother, makes me wish I knew more about everything. In my spare time, I enjoy being involved in the community with activities that are helping me become fully certified as a family life educator. I am looking forward to seeing you at our 10-year class reunion!

Libby Day McCarthy

After graduating, I headed to Rhode Island where I earned a BS in Applied Mathematics at Brown University. While at Brown I was able to spend a semester abroad studying math in Budapest, Hungary and I was able to travel to quite a bit of Eastern Europe as well as London and The Netherlands. One summer was spent as a paralegal (at which I decided I had no interest in law, whatsoever). I also spent a couple of summers being a nerd camp counselor for High School Students, and doing math research at Mississippi State and Brown University.

I met my future husband a few days before graduation from Brown (May ’06) and then shortly flew to CA to start a PhD program at Stanford in Computational Mathematical Engineering as well as a long distance relationship. Jay flew out and surprised me with a ring that October and we got married the following September- on my birthday! Though my husband and I flew to opposite coasts after our honeymoon, Jay finished his PhD coursework that December and was able to write his dissertation remotely while living with me in CA. I decided to leave my program after earning my Master’s Degree in March and my husband was offered a faculty position at BYU. We bought a house in Provo, where we are currently. I gave birth to a curious, non-conformist little boy- Jack, the following September. 2 years later, he got an easy-going, spirited little sister- Charlotte. This year, my two kids are lucky enough to get a temporary big sister! We are hosting a High School foreign exchange student from Japan- Ayame. She is so fun, diligent and a star player on the Timpview High Volleyball team. We just love her to death and have enjoyed having an athlete in the family, since it will probably never happen again. 😉

Besides being captivated by my two interesting children, I enjoy blogging, ballet (on my homemade barre in my laundry room), participating in a book club, learning how to keep from murdering my yard, cooking with relentless substitutions, sewing, home decorating, perusing Pinterest, organizing and all other things domestic goddesses do.

I hope to eventually go back to school and write an advanced math textbook for the elementary school level. For now, I feel I am schooled plenty every day.

Rachel Cannon Watson

My Top 10 in the past 10!
(In chronological order of course…) 

10. Transfered from BYU to the University of Utah (baby!) and Pledged Chi Omega.

9. Worked at KUED-TV as a video/ Web editor and writer.

8. Married fellow Colt and HS sweetheart James Watson. Loved our time in the student village at the U!

7. Worked at the U as a Aerobics instructor.

6. Graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in broadcast journalism.

5. Lived in Washington D.C. for 3 years while husband attended law school at The George Washington University.

4. Worked at said university as a writer and Web editor.

3. Had a baby–Harvey James Watson. Now a big two year old! Major career change to SAHM (stay at home mom). Love it!

2. Moved back to Salt Lake and purchased a home in the Sugar House area.

1. Baby number 2 due June 6, 2011, and we are thrilled!