Libby Day McCarthy

After graduating, I headed to Rhode Island where I earned a BS in Applied Mathematics at Brown University. While at Brown I was able to spend a semester abroad studying math in Budapest, Hungary and I was able to travel to quite a bit of Eastern Europe as well as London and The Netherlands. One summer was spent as a paralegal (at which I decided I had no interest in law, whatsoever). I also spent a couple of summers being a nerd camp counselor for High School Students, and doing math research at Mississippi State and Brown University.

I met my future husband a few days before graduation from Brown (May ’06) and then shortly flew to CA to start a PhD program at Stanford in Computational Mathematical Engineering as well as a long distance relationship. Jay flew out and surprised me with a ring that October and we got married the following September- on my birthday! Though my husband and I flew to opposite coasts after our honeymoon, Jay finished his PhD coursework that December and was able to write his dissertation remotely while living with me in CA. I decided to leave my program after earning my Master’s Degree in March and my husband was offered a faculty position at BYU. We bought a house in Provo, where we are currently. I gave birth to a curious, non-conformist little boy- Jack, the following September. 2 years later, he got an easy-going, spirited little sister- Charlotte. This year, my two kids are lucky enough to get a temporary big sister! We are hosting a High School foreign exchange student from Japan- Ayame. She is so fun, diligent and a star player on the Timpview High Volleyball team. We just love her to death and have enjoyed having an athlete in the family, since it will probably never happen again. 😉

Besides being captivated by my two interesting children, I enjoy blogging, ballet (on my homemade barre in my laundry room), participating in a book club, learning how to keep from murdering my yard, cooking with relentless substitutions, sewing, home decorating, perusing Pinterest, organizing and all other things domestic goddesses do.

I hope to eventually go back to school and write an advanced math textbook for the elementary school level. For now, I feel I am schooled plenty every day.


2 thoughts on “Libby Day McCarthy

  1. Libby, what a beautiful family picture! I can’t believe how dedicated you and Jay are to academics that you would go to separate ends of the country after your honeymoon. I love the term domestic goddess. After being a guest in your home at the first reunion planning meeting, I can attest that you truly are a domestic goddess. Have a great day!

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