So you want to earn some Colt Ca$h?

So by now you’ve all heard of Colt Ca$h, but we’re sure you have many questions like, Why do I want Colt Ca$h? How can I get Colt Ca$h? Who is tracking Colt Ca$h? Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, so here’s a little more info…

The reason you want Colt Ca$h is because you want cool prizes! The more Colt Ca$h you have, the more Colt Ca$h you will be able to put toward the item(s) you want to bid on at the auction! How do you earn this Colt hard Ca$h? Here’s the list… Participate on facebook!

  • Be ready at any moment to answer “Colt Ca$h Questions” that administrators post to the facebook page.
  • Change your status to: “I just bought my ticket to 10 year reunion!!” $15cc (e-mail to get credit)
  • Add fellow colt to reunion facebook group $2cc (e-mail to get credit)

Participate on the blog!

  • Submit your bio with a picture $15cc
  • Submit your bio no picture $10cc
  • Comment on blog posts $2cc (per substantive comment)
  • Submit a blog post $15cc


  • Submit photo for slideshow $5cc (per picture; e-mail
  • Submit song requests $5cc (one time only; e-mail
  • Buy a ticket $25cc (per ticket)
  • Buy before May 1 $25cc + $10cc=$35cc
  • Donate a prize receive Colt Ca$h value up to $100cc
  • Secure a donation receive Colt Ca$h value up to $100cc
  • Arrive at reunion before 6:30 $15cc

The reunion committee will be tracking Colt Ca$h, and we make no claims to be perfect at it, so if you ever have the desire to dispute your Colt Ca$h total, please submit a document with proof of your total (tracking dates and such). Hopefully we can all use good sense and not worry too much about the actual cents 😉

Rules and Regulations:
A. Colt Ca$h is non-transferrable.
B. You have to be at the reunion to spend your Colt Ca$h.
C. You have to be present to claim your prize or you have to have a representative claim it for you.


Travis Paul Martin

2002 to 2012 have been the craziest 10 years I could’ve ever imagined!

After graduation I moved to Los Angeles where I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I graduated two years later with an associates in Fashion Design and was ready to tackle the big apple. I headed to NYC with the plan of taking a year to work and decide how I wanted to finish my college education. I worked for Saks Fifth Avenue as a brand manager for the British luxury brand Burberry. It was an incredible opportunity that prepared me to head back to school. I moved to Paris in 2005 to attend Parsons School of Design where I majored in Design and Management(basically a business degree concentrated in the fashion industry). It was probably the most amazing two years of my life. I graduated in 2007 with my bachelors and decided to head back to New York. From there it was three eventful years of living in New York, Chicago, and even moving back home to Salt Lake for a year. I am happy to say that in August 2010 I moved back to New York to set up home. I am now living in Brooklyn and I work as publicist for a fashion PR firm working with clients like The Gap and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Life is kind of like the movie The Devil Wears Prada but it provides for some incredible opportunities.

Toshiko Smith Robison

Has it really been 10 years?? Wow! Starting from the beginning…after graduation I attended BYU (commuting from Salt Lake for 3 years as I was NOT about to move to Happy Valley) where I graduated with a BS in Finance in April 2005. Shortly after graduating I began dating my husband, Justin Robison, who was fresh off his mission and on his way to Provo that Fall to continue his education. We were engaged before the summer ended and were married the following summer of 2006. Much to my dismay for the next 2 years we lived in Provo so he could finish his BS degree at BYU. While he went to school I worked as an accountant for a small company in Salt Lake City. In the Fall of 2008 we welcomed our daughter Taija to the family. I was able to work part-time until we moved our family to Fort Lauderdale in 2009 so that Justin could pursue his medical school education. While here in the sunny state of Florida, we had our son Luke in 2010 and are now expecting another girl in March of this year. I have also been able to continue my participation in volleyball as I have traveled to many different places to officiate. I am currently a Junior National Referee as well as a PAVO State Official for college. My husband is in his 3rd year of medical school and I have the best job of raising our children. I am sad to say we won’t be able to make it to the 10 Year Reunion, but wish everyone the best!

Michelle Martineau Searle

College was the next step for me upon graduating from high school. I attended Salt Lake Community College while working part-time to earn my associates degree. During my time there I met my wonderful husband Mat. We both were on the Sandy Institute Council at SLCC. After we married, we moved to a condo in Sandy while we both worked full time while going to school.

After both of us earned our associates degrees, we transferred to the University of Utah. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies in the December of 2007 while my hubby finished up his Finance degree in May of 2008. That summer we decided to take a cruise to celebrate both of us graduating. This was actually our second cruise together and we loved every minute of it. We love going on cruises and can’t wait for the next one (nothing planned yet unfortunately).

About 2 ½ years ago we moved from our condo and built a house in Riverton and we just absolutely love it there. Then about 19 months ago, our sweet little Madison was born which has been the best thing ever. I stopped working outside the home then and became a full time mommy. I have very much enjoyed being a stay at home mom with my little bugaboo. Madison is the most precious thing and has given Mat and I so much joy. Madison is so full of energy, is already quite the little talker, and makes us smile everyday because of how stinkin’ cute she is.

Besides my time with my little angel and my cute hubby, I still enjoy being physically active. Since high school I have picked up a few new sports which I enjoy a great deal. I have started playing tennis and golf and while I am not that great at either I enjoy participating in both of them. I also enjoy playing sports, hiking, reading, going for walks, camping, Frisbee golf, watching movies, trying to find new healthy recipes that actually taste good, traveling, and spending time with family.

See you guys soon in June!!!

Cheryl Jolley Stuart

After graduation, I moved to Ogden where I attended Weber State University. While at Weber State, I competed on the cross country and track teams, running long distance, 3k, 5k, 10k, and the steeple chase.

During college I met my future husband Matt Stuart, and we were married in the summer of 2004. In December 2006, I graduated with a bachelors degree in elementary education. A few months later, in March 2007, our first, child, Emma, was born. We now have two more children, Ben (3) and Spencer (9 months old).

Last December we sold our home in Washington Terrace and bought a new home in Clinton.

My husband works for Orbit Irrigation in North Salt Lake, and I stay home with our children.

Sean and Jamie (Wall) Lesko

Ah…10 years–seriously can’t believe it! So much has happened! Let’s start with Sean….

After graduation, Sean attended the U focusing on his generals and preparing to leave for an LDS mission to New York where he learned the Spanish language and loved the Dominican culture–especially the food! After returning from his mission, Sean did another semester at the U until he moved down to Provo to attend Utah Valley University to follow a childhood dream of becoming a pilot (and marry me :)….to be continued….

 After graduation, I attended BYU and received a BS degree in Special Education with an emphasis on mild/moderate disabilities. I enjoyed the college life and met many great people throughout my time there. When Sean returned home from his mission, I conveniently had to take a final general credit at the Salt Lake BYU campus which required me to travel back and forth at least once every week from Provo to Salt Lake. It was during that time Sean and I picked up on our friendship and then….well you know the rest.

 We were married in December 2005 and continued to live in Provo until we both graduated. (That was pretty hard for his REALLY RED blood). I loved teaching students of all abilities (and attitudes) at a local middle school while Sean continued his flying. After the birth of our first daughter, Maleia, Sean received his BS degree in Aviation Science and “landed” a job (pun intended) at Aero-Graphics Inc. in Salt Lake and is now the Chief Pilot managing the aerial department for that company. I have been privileged to be an at-home mom since the birth of our first daughter and have had two more kiddos since–1 more girl and 1 boy. Sean and I have been living in our first home in West Jordan for almost two years and are enjoying our busy lives and sweet kiddos– Maleia (4), Ellenie (3), and Jace (7 mo). This past Fall, I started teaching a preschool out of my home which has truly been an immense joy and made me wonder what ever possessed me to teach middle school! Sean and I are looking forward to hopefully seeing so many of our great friends from C-wood and hope that life has been treating each of you equally as well these passed 10 years!

Lindsay Barnett Godsey

A few months after graduation, I headed to Tacoma, Washington where I would spend the next four years attending the University of Puget Sound. I earned a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Business Administration. While in school, I had a great time in the dance club and working at the on-campus coffee shop. My final summer in school I spent as an actuarial intern at the downtown Seattle office of Mercer, a global HR and financial services consulting firm. I was then offered a full-time position. So, after graduation I packed my bags for Seattle and spent the next two years living on my own in the neighborhood of Queen Anne. It was during this period that I developed an appreciation for mass transit and really good food (not necessarily to be enjoyed at the same time). Despite all of the fun I was having in Seattle, I eventually decided it was time to move to Portland, Oregon to be closer to Andy, my college sweetheart. Six months later Andy popped the question and we were engaged. Shortly after that, we decided (ok, I decided) that after six amazing years it was time to move back home to the great state of Utah!

Once in Utah we spent the next year and half planning our dream wedding and finally, on August 22, 2009 we tied the knot at Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon. We’ve spent the last two years traveling, working on our home in Sugarhouse, chasing after our Wheaten Terrier, Lucy, and enjoying life as newlyweds. We are both lucky enough to work from home, which we really appreciate. I still telecommute for the Seattle office of Mercer, and Andy works as a patent broker for Global Technology Transfer Group, based out of Portland. We love that both of our jobs, as well as Andy’s family, give us many opportunities per year to travel back to the Northwest. We’re expecting 2012 to be a little different, however, as in late February we are expecting our first baby! I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about that when I see everyone at the reunion in June. 🙂