Sean and Jamie (Wall) Lesko

Ah…10 years–seriously can’t believe it! So much has happened! Let’s start with Sean….

After graduation, Sean attended the U focusing on his generals and preparing to leave for an LDS mission to New York where he learned the Spanish language and loved the Dominican culture–especially the food! After returning from his mission, Sean did another semester at the U until he moved down to Provo to attend Utah Valley University to follow a childhood dream of becoming a pilot (and marry me :)….to be continued….

 After graduation, I attended BYU and received a BS degree in Special Education with an emphasis on mild/moderate disabilities. I enjoyed the college life and met many great people throughout my time there. When Sean returned home from his mission, I conveniently had to take a final general credit at the Salt Lake BYU campus which required me to travel back and forth at least once every week from Provo to Salt Lake. It was during that time Sean and I picked up on our friendship and then….well you know the rest.

 We were married in December 2005 and continued to live in Provo until we both graduated. (That was pretty hard for his REALLY RED blood). I loved teaching students of all abilities (and attitudes) at a local middle school while Sean continued his flying. After the birth of our first daughter, Maleia, Sean received his BS degree in Aviation Science and “landed” a job (pun intended) at Aero-Graphics Inc. in Salt Lake and is now the Chief Pilot managing the aerial department for that company. I have been privileged to be an at-home mom since the birth of our first daughter and have had two more kiddos since–1 more girl and 1 boy. Sean and I have been living in our first home in West Jordan for almost two years and are enjoying our busy lives and sweet kiddos– Maleia (4), Ellenie (3), and Jace (7 mo). This past Fall, I started teaching a preschool out of my home which has truly been an immense joy and made me wonder what ever possessed me to teach middle school! Sean and I are looking forward to hopefully seeing so many of our great friends from C-wood and hope that life has been treating each of you equally as well these passed 10 years!


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