Travis Paul Martin

2002 to 2012 have been the craziest 10 years I could’ve ever imagined!

After graduation I moved to Los Angeles where I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I graduated two years later with an associates in Fashion Design and was ready to tackle the big apple. I headed to NYC with the plan of taking a year to work and decide how I wanted to finish my college education. I worked for Saks Fifth Avenue as a brand manager for the British luxury brand Burberry. It was an incredible opportunity that prepared me to head back to school. I moved to Paris in 2005 to attend Parsons School of Design where I majored in Design and Management(basically a business degree concentrated in the fashion industry). It was probably the most amazing two years of my life. I graduated in 2007 with my bachelors and decided to head back to New York. From there it was three eventful years of living in New York, Chicago, and even moving back home to Salt Lake for a year. I am happy to say that in August 2010 I moved back to New York to set up home. I am now living in Brooklyn and I work as publicist for a fashion PR firm working with clients like The Gap and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Life is kind of like the movie The Devil Wears Prada but it provides for some incredible opportunities.


4 thoughts on “Travis Paul Martin

  1. Travis – I love hearing about your exciting adventures since HS! Are you going to be able to make the trip out for the reunion?

  2. Yes, Linds, he told me he’s flying in!! You have such an exotic past, Travis! I’m so glad I got to see you a couple of times, despite your travels. I’ll definitely let you know next time I’m in NYC- such a rad city!

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