So you want to earn some Colt Ca$h?

So by now you’ve all heard of Colt Ca$h, but we’re sure you have many questions like, Why do I want Colt Ca$h? How can I get Colt Ca$h? Who is tracking Colt Ca$h? Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, so here’s a little more info…

The reason you want Colt Ca$h is because you want cool prizes! The more Colt Ca$h you have, the more Colt Ca$h you will be able to put toward the item(s) you want to bid on at the auction! How do you earn this Colt hard Ca$h? Here’s the list… Participate on facebook!

  • Be ready at any moment to answer “Colt Ca$h Questions” that administrators post to the facebook page.
  • Change your status to: “I just bought my ticket to 10 year reunion!!” $15cc (e-mail to get credit)
  • Add fellow colt to reunion facebook group $2cc (e-mail to get credit)

Participate on the blog!

  • Submit your bio with a picture $15cc
  • Submit your bio no picture $10cc
  • Comment on blog posts $2cc (per substantive comment)
  • Submit a blog post $15cc


  • Submit photo for slideshow $5cc (per picture; e-mail
  • Submit song requests $5cc (one time only; e-mail
  • Buy a ticket $25cc (per ticket)
  • Buy before May 1 $25cc + $10cc=$35cc
  • Donate a prize receive Colt Ca$h value up to $100cc
  • Secure a donation receive Colt Ca$h value up to $100cc
  • Arrive at reunion before 6:30 $15cc

The reunion committee will be tracking Colt Ca$h, and we make no claims to be perfect at it, so if you ever have the desire to dispute your Colt Ca$h total, please submit a document with proof of your total (tracking dates and such). Hopefully we can all use good sense and not worry too much about the actual cents 😉

Rules and Regulations:
A. Colt Ca$h is non-transferrable.
B. You have to be at the reunion to spend your Colt Ca$h.
C. You have to be present to claim your prize or you have to have a representative claim it for you.


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