Wait… THEY went to Cottonwood?

Check out this list of notable alumni from CHS! Yep, that’s the guy from “The Singles Ward,” (also a Tony nominee!) And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that’s Michelle Money, from the “Bachelor.” And who’s the other chap? Why, that’s Richard Paul Evans, author of “The Christmas Box.”

And here are a few more: (Did we miss anyone?)


Jenny Gibbons Boster

Highlights of my last ten years:

went to BYU: studied piano (graduated in ’06 with my Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance), practiced the piano a LOT (I basically lived in the fine arts building!), got a great education, met lots of wonderful friends, had a great time, and met my HUSBAND!

got married: a few days before Christmas in December of 2005 to Jonathan Boster – he grew up on a small alfalfa farm in Eastern Oregon, the 4th of 11 kids – he is a great pianist (we love playing duets!) and a smart, hard-working guy with a great sense of humor – love him!!

taught piano lessons: after graduation I started my real, “legit” piano studio (after teaching piano lessons since 9th grade) while Jonathan finished up his Biology degree at BYU

became a mom!: after we moved back to Salt Lake, our son James Jacob Boster was born in December of 2007. Now a bright and curious 4-year-old, he is our little buddy and I just love being a mom!

moved around a bunch: in six years of marriage we have lived in six different places, including Provo, Orem, Holladay, Murray, Oregon, and Texas. My husband worked a few jobs after graduation while we decided which direction we wanted to go next…

became a Texan!: we moved to San Antonio in the summer of 2010 so my husband could start optometry school at the University of the Incarnate Word. It was my very first time in Texas, and boy was it HOT when we arrived but we have grown to really love it here.

welcomed our daugher into the world: our little sweetheart, Ella Bay Boster was born this last July and oh how we love her! She is a HAPPY and simply adorable six-month-old and a little mama’s girl.

my life today: I love being a stay-at-home mom by day, and teaching piano lessons in my home by night to help put my husband through school. We love it here in San Antonio (especially the WARM weather in the winter – my son just today was playing with the hose in the backyard!). My husband is halfway through optometry school and loving it. I teach a super fun preschool music class, and also write a blog about piano teaching (theteachingstudio.blogspot.com). A couple of years ago I became a Nationally-Certified Teacher of Music. I have picked up photography a bit and have done quite a few photo shoots for families and couples. My favorite things include being a mommy, playing games with friends, making music, watching netflix with the husband after the kids are (finally) in bed, skyping with family members across the country and world, and just spending time with my family.

Sadly, I will not be able to make it to the reunion, but am loving catching up with everyone via Facebook and the class reunion blog! Stalk me more at thebosterfamily.blogspot.com. 🙂

Where have you been?!?

This week is BIO WEEK! Nope, not that pesky subject you took from (insert biology teacher here), we’re talking bio as in biography! So far we’ve received 17 bios, but we’re hoping to make that 30 by the end of the week. Will you help us with that goal?

For this week only, you’ll get a whopping, $20cc if you submit a bio and a picture to: chsclassofficers2002@gmail.com, or you can use the form submission here.

Also, this week we’ll be featuring each of the bios we receive on facebook, if you comment on a colt’s bio (on the blog), you get $2cc!

For now, check out these bios, and check back every day, because hopefully we’ll be adding more!

Amanda Roundy
Cassandra Heaps Webster

Cheryl Jolley Stuart
Elizabeth Roose Shirts
Heather Walton
Jamie Wall Lesko
Libby Day McCarthy
Lindsay Barnett Godsey
Melissa Keating
Michelle Martineau Searle
Nate Evans
Nikki Neumeyer McWilliam
Rachel Cannon Watson
Rick Jones
Sean Lesko
Taylor Hawes
Toshiko Smith Robison
Travis Paul Martin

Amanda Roundy

The year after graduating I moved to Washington State, where shortly after I got engaged. After a two year engagement I realized that it wasn’t the healthiest relationship for me, and I broke it off, after which I moved to the California Central Coast. This was the best decision of my life. Once I had residency I enrolled in Allan Hancock College and restarted my education. I began pursuing Graphic Design (my passion since 8th grade) and while doing so fell in love with a few other artistic fields. I enrolled into a multimedia DVD designing course where I created a video (not part of the assignment) for the DVD I was designing for a tattoo parlor. While taking this class I not only decided to add Multimedia as a second major, I immediately grew a passion for editing video; so I added Video Production to my list of majors. Through the courses I also realized I enjoy photography, but decided to draw the line at three Associate Degrees. I earned both Multimedia and Video production Associate degrees last spring, and I’m finishing my initial major Graphic Design this semester.

I am working a few part time jobs right now as well as doing a few things on my own. Starting with the least interesting: I waitress (pretty much what I have been doing for the last 10 years, serving and managing at different restaurants); I’m also an assistant to a private investigator, where I maintain his websites and do other office duties. I have been freelancing my design skills lately, as well as starting an upcoming T-shirt line called INVOKE with a friend. The most exciting job I have is one I just started this last month, I am now an assistant editor for a documentary called “Fight of the Fishermen”. I am so excited and grateful to finally be able to start my career in film, this is going to be my foot through the door.

I have several future goals, including getting my Pop-Up Book series published and work as a successful freelance graphic designer. I would also like to open a restaurant/beer garden/ club in the Santa Ynez Valley where I live. My biggest goal is to travel the world producing my informant and culture based documentaries.

As for love, I am very jealous of all those who have families, and a significant other. I definitely want children and my clock is ticking… but none of my past relationships have been “the one” and I want to have a stable relationship before getting married and start a family. I am completely at peace these last few months that I have been single (almost 2 1/2 year relationship prior) and as I focus on all my goals I know I will fall into the right place when it comes to finding true love and having a family.

I can’t wait to come back home and visit, and see how everyone has changed… which is all I have done in the past 10 years. It will definitely be pleasant to be around those I grew up with again. See you all at the reunion =)

So you wanna get involved?

The planning committee has been blown away by all the participation we have gotten on facebook and the blog this early in the reunion game! Thanks to all who have submitted bios, donated prizes and posted pictures!

With the reunion only three and a half months away, we wanted to offer you the chance to be more involved! It would be great if we could get some representatives from different clubs, groups or sports teams to help make our reunion memorable.

Please e-mail chsclassofficers2002@gmail.com if you’re interested!

Cassandra Heaps Webster

After High School I packed my bags and moved to Price Utah to attend a tiny little school called The College of Eastern Utah. It was there I met my college sweetheart and future husband, Adam Webster. We married in 2003 and both transferred to Utah State University. In 2006 I earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and became a Certified Personal Trainer. After a few years of working I decided I needed a career change so I went back to school and became a Physical Therapist Assistant. Last year we adopted our incredible son, Noah Atticus (2). Currently, Adam is working at Weber High School as an English/Debate teacher and I am working at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Acute Care. When we’re not working, we are enjoying life with all of its crazy up and downs. In the next ten years I hope to run a marathon, adopt a few more beautiful kids, find somewhere to settle down, and maybe write a book.

Taylor Hawes

10 Years (in an acrostic…)

Tall: still tall at 6’7″
Away: lived in Buffalo, NY for the past 4 years and just accepted a full time job here
Years: 2 spent in London on a mission
Love: married Laney in 2007
Odd jobs: weather reader, construction, census taker, mentor, walked every street in Lehi, federal judge and NY Attorney General.

Re-upholstery: picked up a new hobby and skill

Henry (3.5) & Milly (1.5): two crazy kids…
Awesome: still awesome
Went to: London, Boston, NYC, LA, Chicago, Paris, Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Miami, Toronto, Cleveland, Houston
Education: bachelor’s from BYU (2008) in Urban, Regional, and Environ. Planning; joint Master’s in Urban Planning/Law degree from U. at Buffalo (2012).
Sad: incredibly sad I can’t make it to the reunion this year and that I can’t catch up.