Taylor Hawes

10 Years (in an acrostic…)

Tall: still tall at 6’7″
Away: lived in Buffalo, NY for the past 4 years and just accepted a full time job here
Years: 2 spent in London on a mission
Love: married Laney in 2007
Odd jobs: weather reader, construction, census taker, mentor, walked every street in Lehi, federal judge and NY Attorney General.

Re-upholstery: picked up a new hobby and skill

Henry (3.5) & Milly (1.5): two crazy kids…
Awesome: still awesome
Went to: London, Boston, NYC, LA, Chicago, Paris, Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Miami, Toronto, Cleveland, Houston
Education: bachelor’s from BYU (2008) in Urban, Regional, and Environ. Planning; joint Master’s in Urban Planning/Law degree from U. at Buffalo (2012).
Sad: incredibly sad I can’t make it to the reunion this year and that I can’t catch up.


5 thoughts on “Taylor Hawes

  1. Taylor! I love your acrostic! What a fantastic idea! Sad you can’t make it to the reunion, but you’ll be there in spirit sending your awesome vibes our way, I’m sure.

  2. Taylor, I too love your acrostic, and that you have become quite the re-upholsterer. This makes me miss our summer with Wolfgang and that time we rode to the U on our bikes. Oh the memories… You will be sorely missed at the reunion!

  3. I love that the way I wrote it reads like I had an odd job as a federal judge, not working with one. Oops. Minor details…

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