Cassandra Heaps Webster

After High School I packed my bags and moved to Price Utah to attend a tiny little school called The College of Eastern Utah. It was there I met my college sweetheart and future husband, Adam Webster. We married in 2003 and both transferred to Utah State University. In 2006 I earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and became a Certified Personal Trainer. After a few years of working I decided I needed a career change so I went back to school and became a Physical Therapist Assistant. Last year we adopted our incredible son, Noah Atticus (2). Currently, Adam is working at Weber High School as an English/Debate teacher and I am working at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Acute Care. When we’re not working, we are enjoying life with all of its crazy up and downs. In the next ten years I hope to run a marathon, adopt a few more beautiful kids, find somewhere to settle down, and maybe write a book.


3 thoughts on “Cassandra Heaps Webster

  1. Hey, it is so fun that you are up Ogden way! I just moved away from only living a few blocks from ORMC. Your son is adorable!

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