Where have you been?!?

This week is BIO WEEK! Nope, not that pesky subject you took from (insert biology teacher here), we’re talking bio as in biography! So far we’ve received 17 bios, but we’re hoping to make that 30 by the end of the week. Will you help us with that goal?

For this week only, you’ll get a whopping, $20cc if you submit a bio and a picture to: chsclassofficers2002@gmail.com, or you can use the form submission here.

Also, this week we’ll be featuring each of the bios we receive on facebook, if you comment on a colt’s bio (on the blog), you get $2cc!

For now, check out these bios, and check back every day, because hopefully we’ll be adding more!

Amanda Roundy
Cassandra Heaps Webster

Cheryl Jolley Stuart
Elizabeth Roose Shirts
Heather Walton
Jamie Wall Lesko
Libby Day McCarthy
Lindsay Barnett Godsey
Melissa Keating
Michelle Martineau Searle
Nate Evans
Nikki Neumeyer McWilliam
Rachel Cannon Watson
Rick Jones
Sean Lesko
Taylor Hawes
Toshiko Smith Robison
Travis Paul Martin


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