Amanda Roundy

The year after graduating I moved to Washington State, where shortly after I got engaged. After a two year engagement I realized that it wasn’t the healthiest relationship for me, and I broke it off, after which I moved to the California Central Coast. This was the best decision of my life. Once I had residency I enrolled in Allan Hancock College and restarted my education. I began pursuing Graphic Design (my passion since 8th grade) and while doing so fell in love with a few other artistic fields. I enrolled into a multimedia DVD designing course where I created a video (not part of the assignment) for the DVD I was designing for a tattoo parlor. While taking this class I not only decided to add Multimedia as a second major, I immediately grew a passion for editing video; so I added Video Production to my list of majors. Through the courses I also realized I enjoy photography, but decided to draw the line at three Associate Degrees. I earned both Multimedia and Video production Associate degrees last spring, and I’m finishing my initial major Graphic Design this semester.

I am working a few part time jobs right now as well as doing a few things on my own. Starting with the least interesting: I waitress (pretty much what I have been doing for the last 10 years, serving and managing at different restaurants); I’m also an assistant to a private investigator, where I maintain his websites and do other office duties. I have been freelancing my design skills lately, as well as starting an upcoming T-shirt line called INVOKE with a friend. The most exciting job I have is one I just started this last month, I am now an assistant editor for a documentary called “Fight of the Fishermen”. I am so excited and grateful to finally be able to start my career in film, this is going to be my foot through the door.

I have several future goals, including getting my Pop-Up Book series published and work as a successful freelance graphic designer. I would also like to open a restaurant/beer garden/ club in the Santa Ynez Valley where I live. My biggest goal is to travel the world producing my informant and culture based documentaries.

As for love, I am very jealous of all those who have families, and a significant other. I definitely want children and my clock is ticking… but none of my past relationships have been “the one” and I want to have a stable relationship before getting married and start a family. I am completely at peace these last few months that I have been single (almost 2 1/2 year relationship prior) and as I focus on all my goals I know I will fall into the right place when it comes to finding true love and having a family.

I can’t wait to come back home and visit, and see how everyone has changed… which is all I have done in the past 10 years. It will definitely be pleasant to be around those I grew up with again. See you all at the reunion =)


2 thoughts on “Amanda Roundy

  1. Hurray for graphic design. Out of all the things I’ve learn in my schooling, that has to be my favorite thing, along with Database design and management. Good luck in your ventures in film Amanda and see you at the reunion.

  2. Amanda! you have my dream job! any openings in which you can put in a good word for me? I hope I can make it to the reunion.

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