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Want to come to the reunion, but you’re too thrifty to put up the cash?

Just get any business to donate $100 to the reunion on your behalf and get two tickets for free!

Why would a business donate to our reunion fund? Because we are offering advertising in exchange for their donation, and best of all, they can write off as a business expense!

Anyway, print out our pamphlet, and take it around to a few local businesses to see if they’re interested!

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It’s a Bash!


Thinking back on high school dances brings half fun and half extremely-awkward/when-will-this-be-over-feelings. Even so, Cottonwood dances were the best around, as evident by the tons of students from other schools who came to our Monster Mash.  At least Mr. Wagstaff was there to remove people who arrived costumed in only their birthday suit. 

First, there is the elaborate “asking”.  One could never go up to their proposed date during lunch or throw a crumpled ball of paper, Weasley style, during class.  Instead, we took the “easy” way out- finding an awesome prop/treat/gross thing at the grocery store, counting out hundreds of  pieces of bubble gum, or making a mass of disturbing goop and leaving it in a pumpkin to sift through, or CALLING THE MOM (how is THAT easier?) to ask if there is some time one could stop by to toiletpaper/shower-with-flowers-and-“kiss”-the-ground of their bedroom, all accompanied with some witty poem or punny phrase explaining the task at hand to find our name

That’s MUCH easier. 
The response, of course, must be just as elaborate and painstaking when they already know the answer.

Then there’s the drama planning for the dance… Who’s in the group?  What is going to be the “activity”…. (which must last forever.)  It can’t be too… cliche. Is there a day activity and a night activity?   

Then there’s the dance itself, where girl friends (whether in the same dance group or not) would gather to strut their stuff while the guys hung back until the “slow” songs so they could waddle with their date.

But it was always fun and kept us coming back for more.  We made friends and enemies and it kept the drama in school at a great level.

So this week we’d love to hear about your most memorable dance, whether it be the “activities”, “asking”,  “answering”, photo “poses”…

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I remember when…

This week, we’d love to hear what you remember about your time at Cottonwood by answering the question, “I remember when…”

For example

“I remember when… Principal Muse tackled the streaker.”

“I remember when… N’Sync was cool.”

“I remember when… Facebook didn’t exist!”

Receive $1cc for each blog or facebook comment up to $5cc. Your chance to earn the cash expires Monday, 3/19, at 9am!

It’s gonna be delicious…

Wonder what we’ll be serving at the reunion? Well, here’s the menu! Buy your ticket today and ensure your spot at the table!

Fresh Spinach
Bowtie Pasta
Fresh Fruit

Chicken Cordon Bleu
London Broil- Slow Roasted and Served with Au Jus

Country Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Parsley
Brown Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onions and Hazel Nuts
Fresh Green Beans in Brown Butter with Lemon and Bacon
Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls with Butter




Chocolate Layer Cake
Pecan Pie
Additional Selections by the Chef*Alcoholic Beverages are available to purchase

Samuel Alonzo Dodge

Since leaving Cottonwood I continued my education first at Brigham Young University where I received my Bachelors degree in History and English. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in history at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. At Umass I have been granted graduate assistantships teaching early US and Western World history courses. My current research is exploring the origins and relationship between early US christian nationalism and public memory.

In addition to my studies I served a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Dominican Republic. I continued to travel living in Washington DC and by completing self guided backpacking tours of Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian territories.

Ellie Nuth (Eschelbach)

Wow, 10 years already – here goes nothing…

Shortly after graduation, I ska-daddled out of Utah to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. I received my Bachelors in Biology and Zoology, and stayed on at CSU for another 4 years for veterinary school. I graduated in 2010 as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

During this 8-year stay in Fort Collins, I met my college sweetheart, Andrew Nuth during freshman year of undergrad and married him my senior year of veterinary school. Our wedding was on Aug 1, 2009 at the base of beautiful Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.

After vet school, I spent a year in private practice in Denver completing an internship and getting experience with emergency work, medicine, and surgery (just like what you’d see on ER Vets or ER Vet Interns – only my meltdowns were not broadcast to the nation!!).

This past summer my husband and I moved to our current location in Manhattan, Kansas (insert Huh? here) for me to complete a 3-year residency in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology at Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. At the end of this program I’ll be a board-certified (hopefully, assuming I pass all the tests) veterinary radiologist. Yes, I do CAT scans on cats… and dogs… and any other animal that needs it :). My husband has been a journalist, photographer, financial advisor, pilot, and is now a brewer for a local microbrewery here in Kansas – a Jack of all Trades you might call him.

During the summer you may find us camping, canoeing, brewing beer in our garage, taking our spunky Chihuahua, Nova, for a walk, or taking motorcycle camping trips through the Colorado mountains (even made it all way way back to Moab last summer!). My life is a continuous adventure with a lot of great twists and turns so far, and hope to continue at full speed ahead. I will not make it back for the reunion this summer, but I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck with their beautiful new families, careers, and lives. Cheers!


Coreena Payne Dibb

Wow 10 years really flys by… What have I done?

 After Graduation in 2002, I attended Utah State on scholarship for Cheer & Dance. Graduated in Broadcast Journalism in 2006. Left on a mission shortly after to the Hill Cumorah Historical Sites in the Rochester New York Mission. Married the Love of My Life, Matt Dibb. Currently working as a Producer for the Mormon Channel and we’re expecting a Little Girl on May 25th, we can’t wait!