It’s a Bash!


Thinking back on high school dances brings half fun and half extremely-awkward/when-will-this-be-over-feelings. Even so, Cottonwood dances were the best around, as evident by the tons of students from other schools who came to our Monster Mash.  At least Mr. Wagstaff was there to remove people who arrived costumed in only their birthday suit. 

First, there is the elaborate “asking”.  One could never go up to their proposed date during lunch or throw a crumpled ball of paper, Weasley style, during class.  Instead, we took the “easy” way out- finding an awesome prop/treat/gross thing at the grocery store, counting out hundreds of  pieces of bubble gum, or making a mass of disturbing goop and leaving it in a pumpkin to sift through, or CALLING THE MOM (how is THAT easier?) to ask if there is some time one could stop by to toiletpaper/shower-with-flowers-and-“kiss”-the-ground of their bedroom, all accompanied with some witty poem or punny phrase explaining the task at hand to find our name

That’s MUCH easier. 
The response, of course, must be just as elaborate and painstaking when they already know the answer.

Then there’s the drama planning for the dance… Who’s in the group?  What is going to be the “activity”…. (which must last forever.)  It can’t be too… cliche. Is there a day activity and a night activity?   

Then there’s the dance itself, where girl friends (whether in the same dance group or not) would gather to strut their stuff while the guys hung back until the “slow” songs so they could waddle with their date.

But it was always fun and kept us coming back for more.  We made friends and enemies and it kept the drama in school at a great level.

So this week we’d love to hear about your most memorable dance, whether it be the “activities”, “asking”,  “answering”, photo “poses”…

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One thought on “It’s a Bash!

  1. I enjoyed reading how you described the insanity of school dance dates. There were two things I remember about school dances that made the planning even more intense. Some people went to the trouble of coordinating what he/she was wearing with his/her date. Coordinating outfits probably made the pictures look better. Planning the poses in the picture was always a fun thing to do at the last minute.
    I looked through all my dance pictures. I can’t pick a favorite. . . so many fun memories. I narrowed it down though. Monster Mash 1999 “Ride the Lightning”. This was my first school dance. It very well may have been my first date too. Thomas Wennergren was kind enough to go with me. When we were posing for the picture, I was so awkward I wouldn’t even touch Tom (even though it looks like I am). Sweetheart’s 2000 “Your Love Is My Love”. I was part of the group’s chauffeur that night. I had to drive my family’s big monster van down a very narrow drive way. I backed up into some bushes. My friends teased me about that for a long time. I got home late after dropping all the passengers off at home. My parents were into grounding. You can put two and two together. Homecoming 2001 “More Than Words”. A dream come true, my childhood crush graciously decided to take me to this dance. Thinking of that it just makes me want to sigh. I think I went a little overboard with my dress. It was quite formal and had a little train. But hey, everything had to be as perfect as possible. And I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world so it was all worth it.

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