Adam Haver

So, I was talking to Mark Rose last night and we decided there better be name tags at the reunion, because, what the heck, its been 10 years already? Jokes aside, here are the biggest updates in my life:

I’ve been married to Lizeth for almost five years now. She grew up in California, went to West High, and graduated from the U in Accounting. She’s keeps me in-line and works at home for Jet Blue, so we get to fly for free.

We have two midgets that live with us, Eden and Nathaniel. OK, they are my kids. Eden is three years old and is a wild and very smart girl. Nathaniel is the opposite, very chill, and probably the wisest person in our family. He’s 9 months old. See my Facebook albums for pictures.

We live in a little condo and I’m working at Questar Corp., in their data center, so I basically babysit servers and other equipment and wait for emergencies to happen, then address them. It allows me to do some schoolwork, though, while I work, so not too bad.

I am currently finishing up a Computer Science degree from Weber. I was originally shooting for International Relations, then considered anything from an English degree, since I love writing, to a Graphic Design or Communications degree, since I was working in Marketing at the time. Eventually the geek in me took over and forced me into the Computer Science field.

As far as hobbies, my family and I have an annual pass to the zoo, so feel free to join us if you’d like (Hint: we get two people in for free if they accompany us). We like to travel when we can as well, usually to California, but my wife said she’d take me to Japan, and I think I’m supposed to take her to tour France. I’d also like to fulfill the American dream and publish a novel.

Well, It will be good to see some of you at the reunion and catch up. I wish you all the best, and feel free to Facebook me whenever.


Amy Wilson

It’s hard to sum up ten years into just a few words when you have experienced so many great things and have been to so many amazing places. I have been to 8 different countries, mostly dancing and singing my way around the world, but some has been for personal travel pleasures too. I lived in Athens, Georgia for several years working at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and as personal babysitter to my older sister in exchange for rent. I’ve driven across country 4 times with my dad listening to John Denver and to the Bible on tape. Very exciting!!! We drove through a blizzard, a lightning storm, a tornado warning zone, sunny sky’s, and a tropical storm from Salt Lake City, Utah to Orlando, Florida in just over 2 days. Probably the most exhilarating 48 hours of my life which involved a lot of praying that we wouldn’t die. With all the traveling I’ve done I did manage to find some time in there to get a Bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in Musical Theater.

I did do a little performing at Lagoon for a couple of seasons. Since I mastered a southern accent from living in the south for several years (and yes I did come home with a thick southern accent that many of my family and friends made fun of me for but now no longer exists) I was perfectly casted in a country show that I performed everyday for 5 months. But for many performers out there, performing isn’t always the most ideal career and doesn’t always pay the mortgage depending on where, when and how often you have a job. I started working in the restaurant business when I was 18 years old. I started as a host, then serving, to shift lead at Cracker Barrel. Six years later I went to Lone Star Steakhouse, was trained to become an assistant manager only for them to close right before my promotion; 2 1/2 years of hard work down the drain. Now here I am ten years later from when I first started as just a little hostess, I’m a General manager at a Cafe Zupas in Draper, Utah. As life has flashed before my eyes thinking I would be married with kids, be a stay at home mom by now, but instead I’m a hard working woman with a major career, a lovely home provided by myself and loving life as it comes at me. It’s pretty amazing!

Mark “The Goat” Chandler

Well, a lot has gone on since graduation. I went to one year of college at USU with my fellow Colts Ryan Beckstrom, Sam Dodge and Micah Platt as my roommates. While I hope many of you know my name, I had to include the “goat” title since that is still what the majority of my friends refer to me as. After that year I went on a mission to Sweden and loved it. After returning I returned to USU to complete my school in Civil Engineering. Through that pursuit I met my wife Julie. We were married in August 2007 and a year later in October or 2008 we had Anastasia. 14 months later we had our son Jonathan. Shortly after that time I returned to school to get my masters degree in Geological Engineering. I have one more year until I complete that venture. I work for CRS Engineers, a local civil firm and we live in Farmington. Life is great and as always I am proud to be a Colt standing out in Dart country. Unfortunately, I will likely not be able to make it to the reunion a we are expecting out third just days before. I wish you all the best. I hope more of you will participate in the Bios. I have loved reading them so far and hope to hear from alot more of you. Go Colts.

Ryan Beckstrom

After graduation, I spent two years as a missionary in Rio de Janeiro. Upon returning home, I attended Utah State University where I majored in History and met my wife Lori. We were married in December of 2008 and shortly after we graduated from USU, we moved to Salt Lake where I am currently attending graduate school at the University of Utah. Last July we expanded our family by one when my wife gave birth to a little boy, MacKay.

Feel the Rythm

Every great party needs great music, and we are looking to you Colts to help us come up with a playlist (in exchange for Colt Cash of course)!

Do you want to hear something that takes you back to your glory days at CHS, or would you rather keep it current?

If there a song you are just dying to hear at the reunion, submit a song request to and earn $5cc!

Back in 2002

The year we graduated from high school, American Idol premiered, Chicago won the Oscar for best picture and Michael Jackson dangled Prince Michael II off a balcony from a Berlin hotel room.

Are you having flashbacks yet? If not, these lists of popular music, movies and TV shows might do the trick…

Top Movies

1. Spider-Man
2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
3. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
6. Signs
7. Austin Powers in Goldmember
8. Men In Black II
9. Ice Age
10. Chicago

Popular TV Shows

1. CSI (CBS)
2. American Idol-Wednesday (Fox)
3. Joe Millionaire (Fox)
4. Friends (NBC)
5. Survivor: Thailand (CBS)
6. ER (NBC)
7. Survivor: Amazon (CBS)
8. Everbody Loves Raymond (CBS)
9. Law & Order (NBC)
10. Monday Night Football (ABC)

Billboard Number One Songs

How You Remind Me – Nickelback
Always On Time – Ja Rule featuring Ashanti
Ain’t It Funny – Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule
Foolish- Ashanti
Hot In Herre – Nelly
Dilemma – Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland
A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson
A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton