Adam Haver

So, I was talking to Mark Rose last night and we decided there better be name tags at the reunion, because, what the heck, its been 10 years already? Jokes aside, here are the biggest updates in my life:

I’ve been married to Lizeth for almost five years now. She grew up in California, went to West High, and graduated from the U in Accounting. She’s keeps me in-line and works at home for Jet Blue, so we get to fly for free.

We have two midgets that live with us, Eden and Nathaniel. OK, they are my kids. Eden is three years old and is a wild and very smart girl. Nathaniel is the opposite, very chill, and probably the wisest person in our family. He’s 9 months old. See my Facebook albums for pictures.

We live in a little condo and I’m working at Questar Corp., in their data center, so I basically babysit servers and other equipment and wait for emergencies to happen, then address them. It allows me to do some schoolwork, though, while I work, so not too bad.

I am currently finishing up a Computer Science degree from Weber. I was originally shooting for International Relations, then considered anything from an English degree, since I love writing, to a Graphic Design or Communications degree, since I was working in Marketing at the time. Eventually the geek in me took over and forced me into the Computer Science field.

As far as hobbies, my family and I have an annual pass to the zoo, so feel free to join us if you’d like (Hint: we get two people in for free if they accompany us). We like to travel when we can as well, usually to California, but my wife said she’d take me to Japan, and I think I’m supposed to take her to tour France. I’d also like to fulfill the American dream and publish a novel.

Well, It will be good to see some of you at the reunion and catch up. I wish you all the best, and feel free to Facebook me whenever.


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