Mark “The Goat” Chandler

Well, a lot has gone on since graduation. I went to one year of college at USU with my fellow Colts Ryan Beckstrom, Sam Dodge and Micah Platt as my roommates. While I hope many of you know my name, I had to include the “goat” title since that is still what the majority of my friends refer to me as. After that year I went on a mission to Sweden and loved it. After returning I returned to USU to complete my school in Civil Engineering. Through that pursuit I met my wife Julie. We were married in August 2007 and a year later in October or 2008 we had Anastasia. 14 months later we had our son Jonathan. Shortly after that time I returned to school to get my masters degree in Geological Engineering. I have one more year until I complete that venture. I work for CRS Engineers, a local civil firm and we live in Farmington. Life is great and as always I am proud to be a Colt standing out in Dart country. Unfortunately, I will likely not be able to make it to the reunion a we are expecting out third just days before. I wish you all the best. I hope more of you will participate in the Bios. I have loved reading them so far and hope to hear from alot more of you. Go Colts.


2 thoughts on “Mark “The Goat” Chandler

  1. Hi Goat,

    The company I work for hires engineers all the time I believe. If you don’t already use your Geological Degree or are ever seeking a new position, check out jobs at If you ever apply let me know so I can put a good word in for you. References usually go a long way in getting you an interview at Questar.

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