Tony Hsiao

10 years ago I was in school, living in Utah, and driving a Toyota station wagon. Now, I am in school, living in Utah, and driving a Toyota station wagon. Granted the school, the home, and the wagon are all different ones, but I guess things haven’t changed much for me. The sad thing is I don’t like going to school that much, and yet here I am.

Here are a few things that have happened along the way:

I b.s.-ed my way to a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from BYU. I did an LDS mission in Canada. I somehow got married to a great girl. I had a few random engineering jobs that had me working from Salt Lake to Shanghai. And now, I’m at the U of U working on a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Life’s been good, and that hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years either.


Micah Platt

Hi everyone,

Stumbled across this and saw a bunch of my buddies bios and figured I’d join in too! After C Wood I went to USU with Goat and Ry Guy. Had a blast, met cool people and enjoyed my time up there. After serving in Chihuahua Mexico I came back and played Lacrosse and Rugby for them. After breaking my leg and being on crutches I convinced a cute girl named Tawni to marry me. We are coming up on 5 years and have a cute daughter named Isla. I work for Platt Insurance and run into colts all over the valley. We try to get together with the old crew as often as possible, but we are slowly scattering around the country. Hopefully the next ten years brings us all tons of success and we can become one of the famous former colts!


Rebekkah “Hibby” Hibbert Shaw

ME HEARTY! Tis 10 year gone and the tale must be told of the travails of the one Hibby of the Colt! ‘Twas the year 2002 when she sailed to USU and dug for the treasure of history! But more adventure to be had- she set anchor in San Francisco for 18 months on a mission of souls. (Where I met a Muslim man who married a Catholic woman and they named their son Elvis!) She returned to the land of Logan and won her bachelors. Many claimed nothing could be done with the rusted treasure of history. She began to believe and sailed for UVU in search for the treasure of Sign Language. The Deaf people welcomed her home supposing her hearing impaired soul should have been with them all along. But alas the Archives of the land of Utah took her aboard where she works in the dust of time! (Actually it was 18 months straight of microfiche. You’ll never find a bigger fan of the archaic format.) What ho! Twas not the end! For we know Hibby loves games. At a night of games with old friends she met a man who may look frightening at first glance, but he was the man who snatched the treasure of her heart at first sight. She knew that night they met that they would wed, and that they did at the prime time of 5/7/11! A reunion was set to meet the old crew, will they go? We know not where the tide goes! (Oh, and on the side I paint figurines for warhammer players! We play games every chance we can get and watch Doctor Who!)

Chris Gallegos

10 years in 30 seconds and a lot of horrible grammar…

 I met my wife Jocelyn during school at the U. Graduated with a degree in Physics and a commission as an Officer in the United States Air Force. In 2007 we packed up the house and moved to Edwards Air Force Base in California where I was assigned as a rocket propulsion physicist and worked on developing future rocket fuels. In 2009 I volunteered to fight the ground war in Afghanistan with the US ARMY where I embedded with and trained the Afghanistan National Army and the Afghanistan Border Police. It was truly a humbling experience to say the least. After returning we packed up again and moved to Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas where I trained in the T-38C Talon and earned my pilot wings as a military aviator. We were happy to finish up there and move on to our current home at Hurlburt Air Force Base in Florida. We call this one a hardship tour because its so hard to stay away from the beach. I’m currently assigned to the U-28A and do ? all over the world in places like ? and ?. It’s been a wild ride so far and I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of my best friend J and my family back home in SLC. Unfortunately we will not be able to make it back to celebrate the last ten with all the great peops from CHS…duty calls.

Family Picnic!

Come enjoy a free family picnic the day of the reunion, then drop them off with a sitter for the night’s festivities (babes in arms welcome)!

When: Saturday, June 16th 10:00am – 4:00pm We will be doing this open house style. Please come and stay as long as you like. Most of the crowd will be there around lunch.

Where: The new Mountview Park 1651 East Fort Union Boulevard The park is scheduled to be finished this month. Here is a link to their planning page.

Lunch: If you wish, join us for lunch and bring your own picnic lunch – whatever style works for you (Peanut Butter and Jelly, KFC, Subway, BBQ grill, you get the picture).

What: There is a large pavilion, playground, splash pad, and plenty of grassy areas. We have the pavilion reserved just for us, but the other amenities are part of the public park so your kids will be making new friends. 🙂 There is also a restroom and lots of parking.

Cost: There is no cost to you! I have paid the small reservation fee. If you decide you want to pitch in a few bucks to help me out, just find me. I will be the pregnant lady who looks ready to pop!

Park Rules:

  • No Alcohol. As per city ordinance #14.60.090, possesion or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within a public park or playground.
  • No Smoking. As per city ordinance #14.65.030, smoking is prohibited in public parks and or playgrounds.
  • Please keep the park clean as you picnic. My name is on the reservation, so I would appreciate it if I didn’t get a fine.


And the countdown begins…

It’s official. The reunion is less than a month away! Have you picked out that perfect outfit? And more importantly, have you bought your ticket?!?

We’ve got a fun evening planned full of prizes, good food and old friends, so don’t miss it!