Family Picnic!

Come enjoy a free family picnic the day of the reunion, then drop them off with a sitter for the night’s festivities (babes in arms welcome)!

When: Saturday, June 16th 10:00am – 4:00pm We will be doing this open house style. Please come and stay as long as you like. Most of the crowd will be there around lunch.

Where: The new Mountview Park 1651 East Fort Union Boulevard The park is scheduled to be finished this month. Here is a link to their planning page.

Lunch: If you wish, join us for lunch and bring your own picnic lunch – whatever style works for you (Peanut Butter and Jelly, KFC, Subway, BBQ grill, you get the picture).

What: There is a large pavilion, playground, splash pad, and plenty of grassy areas. We have the pavilion reserved just for us, but the other amenities are part of the public park so your kids will be making new friends. 🙂 There is also a restroom and lots of parking.

Cost: There is no cost to you! I have paid the small reservation fee. If you decide you want to pitch in a few bucks to help me out, just find me. I will be the pregnant lady who looks ready to pop!

Park Rules:

  • No Alcohol. As per city ordinance #14.60.090, possesion or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within a public park or playground.
  • No Smoking. As per city ordinance #14.65.030, smoking is prohibited in public parks and or playgrounds.
  • Please keep the park clean as you picnic. My name is on the reservation, so I would appreciate it if I didn’t get a fine.



One thought on “Family Picnic!

  1. Thanks for posting! I am so excited to see everyone and your cute little ones! Please come see mine, even if you don’t have any of your own. 🙂 Go Colts!

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