Andrew Wankier

If there is anything that Andrew has learned in the past 10 years, it’s to not take things so seriously, and that writing about himself in the third person is just so much more fun.

Though not a “people person” by nature, during his time at the University of Utah, Andrew became involved with student government and several student groups. He had several academic and extra-curricular accomplishments, including being awarded the Collegiate All-American Scholar Award (which he really didn’t deserve but accepted anyway because why the hell not). It was also during this time that he met the love of his life and shared their first kiss on the white rollercoaster at Lagoon. It was magic.

A year later she dumped him.

Like most people from his high school, Andrew graduated college when the economy was in the tank, and with a largely unmarketable degree, he thought he might as well go into teaching. Integrated Science for 7th and 8th graders, of all things. Though popular with students, Andrew was not so popular with fellow teachers and the administration. Since when is letting students watch The Office taboo? During this time, he also worked as a professor’s assistant at the University of Utah. He used this period to his advantage by working on his law school applications.

After picking up the pieces from his last relationship, he then met the woman of his dreams. She also dumped him.

Andrew decided to put things into perspective. He didn’t really like teaching, nor did he feel strongly about going to law school. Deciding to go back to his creative roots, he turned down a full ride scholarship to law school (don’t tell his parents!). He realized that life is too short to give up on his dreams to become a working writer. Enrolling in a graduate program at UCLA in screenwriting provided him with a new gamut for creative resources. After completing two screenplays and his first novel, he now plans to earn his M.F.A. in Fiction at either the University of Southern Maine or Seton Hill University. He is currently working on his second novel.

For the past three years, Andrew has worked for a national marketing agency, coordinating promotional events for all the major Hollywood studios. Through this, Andrew had the opportunity to work with George Lucas, Bill Gates, Davis Guggenheim, Danny Boyle, and the weird-eyed Cullen family of Twilight (who are, by the way, just as rude in real life as you’d expect). In 2011, Andrew joined the creative forces behind entertainment website and works as one of their primary contributors, writing various movie reviews and pointless articles. He hopes to revamp the website as soon as he usurps creative control.

Learning to write has taught Andrew to be on the constant search for inspiration. He has learned that this type of inspiration can hit not only with writing, but also with other business opportunities. While working at the Outdoor Expo to promote the film 127 Hours with Fox Searchlight, Andrew conceived a new pair of sunglasses specifically designed for the rugged outdoor enthusiast. He has worked with his business partner for the last year-and-a-half developing the design, prototype, and (exhausting) patent. They plan to go into production within the next year.

Andrew’s main regret since high school has been his limited travel experience. He planned to study abroad in Egypt, but the program was cancelled only weeks before his departure. He then saved for eight years for a trip to Europe, which he is now spending on a down payment for a house he plans to fix up. However, it’s only the 10 year reunion and those places he dreams of seeing aren’t going anywhere.

Though a lot of his main goals in life are still in pursuit, Andrew looks forward to attending the reunion and seeing his fellow Colts!


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