Austin Olsen

The past ten years have flown by. After high school I spent 2 years in Fortaleza Brazil on a mission for our church. I got the opportunity 6 months after my mission to return and spend a few weeks playing on the beaches of Rio and spending time as a tourist in Fortaleza. I am hoping to make it back in two years when I finish my Masters Degree. After returning home I spent some years in banking, real estate, and then summer sales. After a summer of knocking doors I decided it was time to return to school. The years of 2007-2008 were very busy, I started school at SLCC, found, dated, and married my wife, and we bought our dog Cooper. In late 2010 I started working at and since then I’ve enjoyed working my way around different departments. This month I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, and next month I will be starting the MACC program at the University of Phoenix. We do not have any kids but hope to have some in the future.


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