Jonathan Hepworth

Sometimes it seems like it was nearly yesterday, but then I look back and realize ten years have passed since we left Cottonwood High School.

I first traded in my black and gold for red when I started at the University of Utah, but I left classes for two years to serve as a missionary in the Georgia Macon Mission. When I got back to the U, I began to realize that I wasn’t as interested in Middle Eastern History as I had been, and I eventually drifted toward southern US history (although I wrote my senior thesis on the University of Utah during the 1960s…fun times).

My parents divorced in 2007, so I left forever the old Cottonwood neighborhood for campus life, and after I graduated in 2008 I moved in with my Dad in Bountiful. Not all was lost, however, since I began dating an attractive organist, Amy Carruth. In the meantime, I had four classes at Cambridge University, I returned to Georgia three times, stopped by South Carolina twice, and spent Christmas in Belen, New Mexico (Belen=Spanish for Bethlehem). I also saw the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the town of Drighlington in the UK where my Hepworth ancestors came from before moving to Utah.

I worked for the Marriott Library’s Special Collections for a few years and at one point was working full-time. Then the sliding economy bounced me back to part-time work. This accelerated my previous plans to go on to graduate school, and in 2010 I started at Clemson University in South Carolina to get a Master’s in History. Following that semester I married Amy, and after a few months back in Utah we moved to Athens, Georgia where she goes to the University of Georgia and I commute to Clemson. In January Amy gave birth to our first son, Joshua, who is too cute for his own good.

I cannot make it to the reunion since finances (not to mention my ongoing thesis work) will not allow it. I do hope everyone can enjoy it for me! I do not know what the next ten years will bring. Whatever comes, I hope I can face it with good humor and gratitude for what I’ve been blessed with.

-Jonathan D. Hepworth



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