Leticia Haacke

“Although attending CHS for a short-time, I will always consider myself a part of the CHS class of 2002. I was fortunate enough to attend 7 years of elementary school with a great deal of my CHS classmates, and will always have a great love in my heart for my CHS peers.”

One week after completing her junior year of high school, Leticia completed high school early, and set-out to begin her academic college “career”. During what would have been her senior year in high school, Leticia immersed herself in college academics and theatrical acting.

Later, while working on two undergraduate degrees from the University of Utah (the first degree in Health Promotion and Education with a minor in Nutrition, the second a Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Science and Health) Leticia worked full-time for a local fashion designer, which had her touring the country for a duration of four years, helping with the production of runway fashion shows.

After completing undergraduate school, Leticia was accepted to the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work, where she completed her Masters degree in Social Work in early May of 2012. Leticia is currently working in emergency medicine.

Leticia has spent the last decade heavily involved in volunteer work within the community, and has since become a veteran public speaker within the city of Salt Lake.  When not involved with work, Leticia enjoys spending time with family, which have now mostly migrated to the west coast; reading, conducting medical and social work-related research, going to yoga classes, cycling and participating in water sports.


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